Narrative Therapy Workshops & Advanced Training

1a)  5-Day Narrative Therapy Certificate Workshop

Intensive narrative therapy certificate immersion course touching on all the finer aspects of the theory and practice. Diverse therapeutic topics from diverse VSNT faculty. Faculty include:

Faculty: Rosa Arteaga (Canada/Mexico), Helen Grau (Denmark), Lorraine Hedtke (USA), Stephen Madigan, (Canada), David Marsten (USA), Todd May, Aaron Munro (Canada), Ottar Ness (Norway), & David Nylund (USA)

The Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association awards 30 CE credits for this VSNT certificate training.

Taught twice yearly in Vancouver, Canada. This course Always Sells Out! See faculty and registration at

1b) Advanced Developing Questions. Faculty: With Helene Grau MA, Stephen Madigan PhD and David Nylund PhD.

Description: Developing Therapeutic Questions (and therapeutic letters) works through a form of discovery learning – a powerful narrative therapy supervision practice developed by VSNT’s Stephen Madigan and David Nylund.

Purpose: To study the re-authoring questions and counter-story practices of Michael White and – supervise participants towards developing their own unique crafting of therapeutic questions and therapeutic letters.

Mission: To teach, translate and guide the advanced participant learner towards more robust understandings in the study, craft and development of therapeutic questions and – the lost art of therapeutic letter writing.

1c) Monthly Narrative Supervision Groups (Coming 2021)

Helene Grau MA, Stephen Madigan PhD, David Marsten MA, and David Nylund PhD  supervise 4 small groups of ten Advance practice therapists. Three Friday and/or Saturdays and 3 individual sessions. Session now FULL. See faculty and registration at

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