Dr. Stephen Madigan is internationally recognized as a highly gifted Couple Therapist.

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Dr. Stephen Madigan holds two Masters Degrees (MSW, MSc) and a Doctorate Degree in Couple and Family Therapy. He is the director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and the primary supervisor to Norway’s National Couple Conflict Team.


In 2017-2018 Dr. Madigan taught, trained and supervised hundreds of therapists in couple and family therapy in numerous cities across 5 different continents. Dr Madigan was awarded the American Family Academy (AFTA) Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Couple and Family – Theory and Practice (a first for Canada). 


Dr. Madigan’s American Psychological Association (APA) graduate school series text book entitled, Narrative Therapy – theory and practice is a bestseller across the United States and Canada. The 2nd edition will be published in March, 2019book


The American Psychological Association filmed Dr. Madigan’s acclaimed work in a 6-part ‘live session’ video series using an 8-person film crew and Emmy award winning director that captured his unique therapy practice. Dr Madigan’s has been highlighted and cited in scores of international publications, online teaching websites, and books. 

Couples seeking relationship therapy must be careful about who they choose to entrust their relationship life to. As in any other fields – all Couple Therapists are not equal. Many are under trained and inexperienced to work with the complexities of modern relationships – regardless of how they may advertise themselves. Who you choose as your relationship therapist is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Dr Madigan invites you to choose carefully.