Dr. Stephen Madigan – Award Winning Relationship Counselling Specialist. Couple Therapy and Couple Therapist Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Madigan’s award winning therapeutic approach to Couple Therapy is based on 25 years of client experience that has earned him an international reputation as a highly gifted Couple Therapist.

Dr. Madigan’s therapeutic framework is value driven, change focused, cost efficient and, specifically designed for couples trying to maintain love, care, and intimacy within a very busy, demanding, and complex modern day world.

Stephen’s award winning therapy helps intimate couple relationships re-find a loving, secure, and supportive relational place – alongside the daily demands of other relationship responsibilities, expectations, and cultural obligations such as: work, children, family, friends, cultural beliefs, social media, physical & social activities (whew!)

**Conflicted couple relationships and individual clients normally spend 3 to 5 sessions in therapy.

Stephen’s Vancouver based online practice engages Couples and Individuals living throughout British Columbia, Canada, and numerous countries around the world.

Dr Madigan demonstrates Live therapy with a couple and their therapist in Norway with High Conflict Team sitting behind the one-way mirror.

Dr Madigan gets a lovely response back from Couple Therapists in São Paulo Brazil. Over two hundred and fifty couple therapists attended his 3-day Relational Interviewing workshop.


Stephen holds a Master’s of clinical Social Work (MSW) and, an MSc and PhD in Couple and Family Therapy. He was the youngest Canadian to receive a PhD in Couple and Family Therapy and is registered as a Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia (BCACC).


The prestigious American Family Therapy Academy honoured Stephen with their Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Couple Therapy – Theory and Practice ~ marking a first for Canada.


Stephen’s post-Ph.D experience began through opening Yaletown Family Therapy in Vancouver. Where for 13 years he and his therapy team served as the exclusive contracted therapists for Vancouver’s Hollywood North Film and Television Industry’s 5,000 IATSE 891 union members, + actors, writers, and directors.

Proud Parent

Stephen is a (very) proud father of 28 year old twin daughters who add so much love and humour to his life.

Fun fact: Stephen is a long retired member of the Canadian National Ultimate Team.

Published Author

Stephen’s 1st and 2nd editions of the book, Narrative Therapy – Theory and Practice are published by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2011 & 2019. Both books became bestsellers and are used as primary texts in graduate psychology, social work, and counselling programs worldwide. The book’s 3rd Edition will be released in the Fall of 2024.

Vancouver School For Narrative Therapy Founder & Director

Stephen is the founder and director of training at the world-renowned Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy where he teaches alongside an exceptionally talented international teaching and training team. He is also the director of content for the online learning platform VSNT.live. Stephen and faculty colleges host the annual International Therapeutic Conversations conference in both Canada and Norway.