What to expect from your Couple Counselling and Marriage Therapist in Vancouver?

What to expect from your session with Dr. Madigan

Couples Counselling and Marriage Therapist in Vancouver

Dr. Madigan applies a philosophy of brief narrative therapy in his couples counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling and separation and divorce counselling. He has learned from 15,000 hours of therapeutic experience that most people attend his counselling for 4-5 sessions or less.

Dr Madigan’s therapeutic approach is designed to take maximum advantage of your therapeutic working sessions. His therapeutic contract with the couple is to resolve the relationship’s suffering from the time of the first meeting. His work emphasizes the ethics, abilities and values the couples relationship was once based on; locating the relationship in a wider context of relationships (work, children, extended family etc); discussing the grief and loss of the relationship that once was, understanding the children’s experience (when need be); and appreciating the couples hard won suffering and experience as a helpful guide to what the relationship might wish to become in the future.

Dr Stephen Madigan’s reputation is unsurpassed amongst couple and marriage therapists in Vancouver.

Boutique Style

Boutique style, change-oriented Narrative Therapy counselling service – fully catering to the needs of a pressured and busy lifestyle, located in a heritage house at 2025 West 16th Ave, Vancouver BC. Alternatively, 20% of Dr Madigan’s clients live overseas and have found great use of Skype sessions.

Range of Skills

As a therapist, Dr. Madigan believes in helping people find long-term solutions to couple and family conflict, couple rejuvenation, couple intimacy, couple fighting, relationship health, relational affairs, divorce and separation settlements, elder parents (Alzheimer’s, terminal illness etc.), grief, loss, illness, financial issues, stress, eating disorders, time maintenance, depression, job loss, trauma, sexual abuse, career change, alcohol and drug use, intimate violence, anger, isolation, compelling thoughts and anxiety.


Guarantee of confidential service.

Who Can Benefit

Dr. Madigan assists couples to quickly move away from problem saturated situations and towards preferred lives, relationships and possibilities. His clients and colleagues support his reputation as being among North America’s most effective therapists.


Dr. Madigan does not prescribe medication. He does not support giving people labels, nor does he work within the boundaries and labels defined within the DSM  diagnostic manual. His therapeutic preference is to help clients work drug and label free. He believes that medications are currently over prescribed but can be necessary from time to time.


Hundreds of client feedback forms report Dr. Madigan’s unique resource-based counselling style as “excellent”, “amazing”, “life changing”, “life saving” and “ very helpful” etc.


Change will happen.