Dr. Stephen Madigan is internationally recognized as a highly gifted couple therapist.

Stephen writes “intimate relationships I meet with in therapy are filled with unexpected events, transgressions, ongoing change, and day-to-day complexities. So please ~ do your research, take your time, and choose your couple therapist wisely.”

Stephen is an award winning couple therapist who holds an MSW and, MSc and PhD in Couple and Family Therapy. His therapeutic approach is based on a) years of deep practice knowledge gained through b) thousands of client session learning hours, and c) resulting in crucial understandings facing present day couple relationships and the best long term solutions going forward.

His work with couples is respected world wide for its ‘immense creativity’, ‘sustainable long term change’, and ‘common sense’ approach to helping conflicted couple relationships heal, change, and grow forward.

Couples arriving into therapy encounter a wide range of therapeutic skills, practice experience, unique relational questions, therapeutic letters, and conflict resolution abilities. Couple relationships can expect long lasting relationship repair, rebuilding, and rejuvenation.

Since 2015, Stephen gets invited back (again and again) to teach couple therapy workshops across five continents. He is currently contracted to supervise and consult High Couple Conflict Therapy Teams, around the world.

Central to his therapeutic practice understanding is how couple relationships are relational (and cannot be viewed otherwise). Where couple relationships are located within the powerful influences (and at times negative affects) of countless other relationships that shape relationship life ~ work, children, children’s activities, social expectations, norms and obligations, extended family responsibilities, etc.

Finding ways to take care of your intimate relationship within these relationships is often difficult but ~ is possible. Stephen’s intention is to help show couples how.

*Please note: Dr. Madigan continues to spend 20% of his therapy practice working with individuals experiencing the negative effects of extremely busy lifestyles and high volume stress in the workplace. He was the primary therapist to Vancouver’s film industry for 13 years. So yes, he’s seen it all.


Stephen was honoured with the American Family Therapy Academy’s prestigious award for Innovative Practice in Couple Therapy (a first for Canadian therapists).


Working with an eight-member film unit (with an Emmy award-winning director) the American Psychological Association produced a six-part video series of Stephen’s live therapy work.

The video series and annotated guidebook are taught and studied in Counselling Psychology, Family Therapy, and Social Work Graduate School programs and professional mental health clinics ~ worldwide.


The American Psychological Association (APA) has published two of Stephen’s best-selling books on Narrative Therapy (2011 and 2019). The 3rd edition is coming out in the Fall, 2024.

Working from his relationship-focused, cost-efficient, and resolution-based therapy method, couples and individual clients normally spend 3 to 6 sessions in therapy, depending on their specific needs.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and begin your therapeutic adventure towards more respectful and exciting relationships.

Stephen consulting a couple therapist and a couple in Trondheim Norway with the clinics High Conflict Couple Therapy Team sitting behind the one way mirror – observing and learning.

Dr. Stephen Madigan’s exceptional couple therapy reputation is unmatched in the city of Vancouver.

  • If you are a couple seeking support and long-lasting relationship change Dr. Madigan’s practice framework offers you an ideal couple therapy choice.
  • Couple therapy sessions are conducted on Zoom.
  • If you have questions please contact his office: [email protected]