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Dr. Madigan’s couple therapy practice fills up quickly. Once client payment is made we try to book your first appointment within four business days.
Email and outline your preferred date and time Tuesday or Wednesday 8am-7pm.
 First appointments are 2 hours in length.


 Client payment must be made before appointment time can be secured. Please Pay Online through online secured payment system 
Thank You!
Clients report Dr. Madigan’s therapy practice to be highly successful and cost efficient.
Read our counselling guide before your 1st session.

Hours and Location

Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am – 8 pm.
2025 West 16th Ave, Vancouver BC.
The office is located inside a big red heritage house on the North Side of 16th Ave, between Maple and Arbutus in Kitsilano.


  • Dr. Madigan’s private session rate for counseling is $225 + 5% GST per one hour session.
  • First session interviews are 2 hours in length.