World Wide Cam Therapy

World Wide Cam Therapy via Skype Therapists


Dr. Madigan counsels individual and couple clients from across the globe

He has facilitated regular therapeutic skype sessions throughout North America and cities in Africa, Argentina, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Mainland China, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland. Currently 20% of Dr Madigan’s clients engage in their therapeutic sessions of Skype councelling.

  • You will need a computer with Internet access
  • Download Skype and install the Skype software on your computer. Skype downloads for: Windows or Mac
  • You will need a computer with a video camera & microphone.
  • Each one-hour counselling session is facilitated via skype/video.
  • Out of town clients are encouraged to tape record these sessions.
  • After the session has concluded, Dr. Madigan sends his out of town/country client(s) a one page therapeutic letter via email that reviews the session.
  • The fee for an out of town therapy session is $225.00 per session hour.
  • Please phone 604-688-7860 to book your appointment.
  • Proceed now to pay online for 3 initial sessions.

Contact Dr Madigan is based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. His personal assistant Lara will personally arrange a convenient time for your Skype sessions. Speak with his assistant Lara and call Vancouver direct – 604 688 7860