About Dr. Madigan

Dr. Stephen Madigan – Relationship Specialist

Dr Madigan is a best selling author, and award winning Couple Therapist who is recognized world wide as a highly gifted couple therapist. His couple, marriage, separation, mediation and relational divorce counselling services are unsurpassed in the city of Vancouver. Guaranteed.

Dr. Madigan practices a relationship focused, cost efficient, resolution based therapy – offering long term healthy relationship results. On average, and depending on the issues brought forward, the majority of people attend couple counselling for 4-5 sessions.

  • In 2019 Stephen traveled and taught couple therapy workshops in numerous cities, to thousands of therapists – across 5 continents.
  • Since 2016 Stephen has been the full time supervisor and consultant to Norway’s National Couple Conflict Team and Trondheim Norway’s High Couple Conflict therapy team.
  • In 2008 the prestigious American Family Therapy Academy selected Stephen as the recipient of their Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Couple and Family Therapy – Theory and Practice (a first for Canada).
  • In 2011 the American Psychological Association (APA) published his book Narrative Therapy – theory and practice to be used as a primary text in all Graduate Psychology Program teaching.
  • In 2015 Stephen’s book on Narrative Therapy became a ‘best seller’.
  • In 2019 the 2nd edition of Stephen’s book on Narrative Therapy was published.
  • Stephen’s book is accompanied by a set of six ‘live session’ DVD client interviews entitled Narrative Therapy Through Time. With the help of an an eight person film and production crew, the DVDs were able to fully capture the inner workings of his unique therapy practice.

Dr. Madigan holds two Masters Degrees in Counseling (MSW, MSc) and a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Couple and Family Therapy. He remains the youngest Canadian to receive a PhD in Couple and Family Therapy. He is a registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia (BCACC).

100% of Dr. Madigan’s current clients are couples. Vancouver’s lower mainland based couples (straight, queer, reuniting or separating) seek out his advanced therapeutic skills to more clearly understand and resolve the intricate complexities and conflicts facing couple relationships.

Dr Madigan’s history of therapeutic experience includes working as the (exclusive) contracted therapist for Vancouver’s Hollywood North Film and Television Industry’s 5,000 union members, actors and directors for 13 years (yes, he has seen it all).

Dr. Madigan is the director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and the online therapeutic learning platform TCTV.live. He teaches narrative therapy workshops worldwide (see workshop schedule and references) and hosts the annual International Therapeutic Conversations conference in both Canada and Norway.

Stephen is the father of fabulous 24 year old twin daughters and a long retired member of Canada’s National Ultimate Frisbee team.