First time to couple counselling?

What to expect from your 1st session with Dr. Madigan

Couples Counselling and Marriage Therapist in Vancouver

  • Your initial couple therapy session is crucial as you work with Dr. Madigan to more closely:
  • Define your relationship intentions: separation, reunification or the couple doesn’t quite know,
  • Define and understand the conflict/sadness that has brought your relationship to therapy,
  • Moving from an individual focus to a relational focused relationship,
  • Highlight the full story of the relationship including the couple’s history of values, dreams, preferred ways of being,
  • Exploring the relationship’s relationship with other relationships (work, children, family, friends etc.), and the priority it is given,
  • Comparing preferred relational values with the experience of relational conflict,
  • Mapping the relational pathways forward (what practices to leave behind and what values/practices to bring forward),
  • Dr Madigan’s therapy moves quickly so please bring a tape recorder to all sessions.
  • Dr Madigan does not hold a bias – he follows the intentions of the couple for therapy regarding separation, reunification etc.,
  • The average length of therapy is 4-5 sessions.